Amid Russia-Ukraine War, Putin announces 1 million rubles reward to woman who gives birth to 10 children

Putin announces 1 million rubles: Russian President Vladimir Putin has made a big announcement to restore the demographic crisis that has emerged due to the Corona pandemic and the Russo-Ukraine war. He has proposed to the women of the Russia to have 10 or more children, in return for which they will be given one million rubles. His announcement has shocked everyone. However, experts have called it a decision taken in desperation. The Russian government has named this scheme Mother Heroine.

Let us inform that since March this year, the number of cases of corona virus infection in Russia has been the highest. At the same time, about 50 thousand Russian soldiers have died in the ongoing war with Ukraine since last year.

Putin announces 1 million rubles to woman bearing 10 children

According to the order of President Vladimir Putin, 13,500 pounds i.e. 13 lakh rupees will be given in return for giving birth to 10 children and keeping them alive. Expert Bonsu said that this award will be given to those women who have 10 or more children.

He said that women would receive a one-time payment of 1 million rubles. The government will give this reward to a woman on the first birthday of her 10th child and the remaining 9 children are alive. The expert said it appeared to be a decision taken out of desperation.

Putin announces 1 million rubles reward

Russian politics and security expert Dr Mathers says Russia already has many economic, social and political problems. In such a situation it is difficult to imagine raising 10 children for 10 rubles.

He said Russia has been facing a demographic crisis since the 1990s. So, this plan is clearly an attempt to encourage Russian women to have more children and have really large families. Mathers believes that families with more children are more patriotic.

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