Amid protests in Australia, BJP MP Tejasvi Surya gives another anti-Muslim statement in Sydney

There was an uproar in the country over the controversial statement of former BJP leader Nupur Sharma, now BJP MP Tejasvi Surya has again come into the limelight by giving an anti-Muslim statement in Australia. Actually, BJP MP Tejasvi Surya, who visited Australia, took part in the program of Australia-India Youth Dialogue. Earlier Tejasvi Surya was fiercely opposed in Australia and some human right organizations had demanded cancellation of his visa.

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Tejasvi Surya, who went to participate in the program of Australia-India Youth Dialogue, was heavily opposed, amid protests he gave another controversial statement. The BJP MP cited the book of American historian Will Durant to describe the Mughal invasion of India as the bloodiest part of history. Furthermore, he compared the atrocities of the Mughals with the actions of Hitler, the dictator of Germany.

In a private program held in Paramata City, Australia, Surya indirectly tried to say that the history of Islam has been bloody. BJP MP did not stop here but said that he knows the history of this particular community from the time of its existence, and its history has been written with bloodshed and violence. He also agreed to ban Halal.

Taking forward his point, Surya said that Hindus should vote for those parties which can “specially protect” them. Tejasvi Surya made these remarks at a private event. The private event, scheduled for May 31, was cancelled following protests by the Swinburne Islamic Society, following a public interaction between Surya and the students of the city’s ECA College. After the news of Surya’s program came to light, there were protests by Muslim students, organisations and religious organisations in Australia.

There were also several protests prior to his visit to Australia, with many referring to his earlier views on minorities in India.

Some of the AIYD organisers had pulled out from the event later. Deakin University, the University of Sydney, Macquarie University and Monash University had reportedly pulled out their sponsorship and dissociated from the event after the protests.

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