American TV star Stephanie Matto quits her ‘fart selling’ business, used to earn 37 lakhs a week

Recently, there was news that an American reality TV star Stephanie Matto had left her career and started a new startup in which she was selling her fart by storing it in a jar. This strange business went on and the actress started getting orders every day, but now there is bad news for the fart smellers of the actress because the actress has decided to quit her fart selling bussiness

Stephanie Matto used to store and sell her farts every week, and she used to sell about fifty jars filled with her farts every week. The cost of a fart jar was 1000 dollars. According to Indian rupees, about 80 thousand rupees. The business was running smoothly but Miss Matto has announced to retire from the Fart Jar business.

Miss Matto says that her body is being harmed by farting more and doctors have advised her to eat healthy food. According to Miss Matto, the demand for her fart was increasing very fast, to fulfill which she started taking high fiber diet which included beans, eggs and protein shakes. By consuming such food in large quantity, she used to get a lot of fart, which she used to fill and sell in jars. According to Stephanie Matto, she used to drink three protein shakes daily due to excessive farts. Apart from this, a big bowl of black bean soup was used to drink.

According to Miss Matto, one day she suffered severe chest pain, after which she called her friend who took her to the hospital. There the doctors after examining her said that her diet is very bad. According to Miss Matto, once she felt as if she had suffered a heart attack, but the doctors did not say anything like this, but said that she is having severe pain due to gas, so she will have to change her food immediately and eat normal food, because of this, now she will not be able to continue the business of fart.

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