American singer Enrique Iglesias kissed a fan on stage…the girl then gets uncontrollable and liplocks

A video of Hollywood’s famous singer Enrique Iglesias is becoming increasingly viral on the Internet. In which he is seen kissing one of his female fans. This video has been shared by Enrique himself on his Instagram handle. Some pictures of Enrique kissing his fan are doing the rounds on social media, although the truth of the pictures which are going viral on social media is in the whole video.

It can be seen in the video that a fan of Enrique comes on stage to take a selfie with him. Meanwhile, Enrique kisses on her cheek. Then the girl holds Enrique and kisses him on his cheeks and suddenly starts kissing his lips. While doing so, she also takes selfies. After which Enrique frees himself and runs away from there. This video has created a ruckus on the internet.

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Enrique Iglesias shared this video on social media and said that this video is from LASSVEGAS on Friday night. Along with this, he also gave information about his next concert. But the fans of the singer are not liking this video and they are commenting differently.

Someone is saying that Enrique’s craze is such that the fan could not stop himself. At the same time, some say that this has been done thoughtfully. Some have misquoted Enrique in the video. People say that how can they kiss a fan except their partner. The video has got 652,164 likes so far.

Enrique Iglesias has been in a relationship with former tennis player Anna Kournikova for the past 20 years and they have three children together. Enrique and Ana have been together since 2001 and are parents to a son and two daughters. Now in such a situation, the fans do not like to kiss the fan.

Enrique’s songs have a good special craze among the youth of India. Enrique’s Rhythm Devine song has its own distinct fanbase. Apart from this, Enrique has sung many songs.

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