“Ambulance should be included in BJP’s star campaigner list”: Congress takes a swipe at ‘repeated arrival’ of the vehicle at Modi events

The Congress Party has taunted the arrival of an ambulance again and again among the convoy of PM Narendra Modi. The party said that ambulance is the star campaigner of the BJP. Recently, the Prime Minister had stopped his convoy to give way to the ambulance during the election rallies. Now a swipe at this, the Congress on Friday said that ambulance should be made the ‘star campaigner’ of the Prime Minister’s Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP).

Indian Youth Congress’s national president Srinivas BV tweeted in Hindi, “In every election rally, the sudden coming of an ambulance very close to the prime minister without any security check, overtaking his vehicle is a matter of deep lapse in his security. What is your opinion???”

In another tweet, he said, “My 2 demands:- 1. In the security of the PM, such a heavy security lapse should be investigated fairly, because the repeated arrival of ambulance without security check on the path on the PM’s route during the election is not just a coincidence. 2. Otherwise Ambulance should be included in the BJP’s star campaigner list.”

In view of the Gujarat assembly elections, Prime Minister Narendra Modi did a 50 km long road show on Thursday. The PM stopped his convoy to give way to an ambulance during the huge roadshow in Ahmedabad. The video of this incident is being shared on social media.

However, this is not the first time an ambulance has arrived during the Prime Minister’s convoy. Earlier, the PM had stopped his convoy to give way to the ambulance on many occasions. Hence, the Congress leader has taken a dig at the BJP about this.

On Twitter too many people questioned how a vehicle, which is not even part of the convoy, came on the route from where the PM was passing. Explain that from where the Prime Minister’s convoy passes, no other vehicle other than the convoy is allowed. The Special Protection Group (SPG), which oversees the security of the Prime Minister of India, already cleans the path of the convoy.