Akshay Kumar trolled by Right Wing brigade for his tweet on Holi, Threatened with boycott call

Actor Akshay Kumar on Monday faced a huge backlash after he urged people to not play Holi in view of the rising cases of COVID-19 in parts of India. No sooner did Akshay take to Twitter asking people to stay away from Holi celebrations, the right-ring brigade began to give him grief.

Actually Akshay Kumar is being trolled for his Holi tweet. Akshay tweeted on Holi, ‘Do me a favorite let’s not play Holi. Play Holi at home to protect yourself and your loved ones. Happy Holi to all of you ‘. The purpose of this message of Akshay was to alert people of Corona. Apart from him, other celebs have also sent such messages because of Corona.

However, this did not go down well with Hindutva fanatics, who incessantly trolled the actor by mocking him with the ‘Canadian citizen’ jibe.

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Akshay Kumar said that let’s not play Holi, right wing felt very bad. They started trolling him from then on. At the same time, on Twitter, #पूर्णबहिष्कारअक्षय_कुमार (Complete Boycott of Akshay Kumar) started trending. One user commented and wrote, ‘Save this tweet from Akshay quickly. On the occasion of Eid, Akshay Kumar will not be seen saying that do not celebrate Eid. To protect the family, celebrate it at home and do not kill millions of innocent animals’.

Akshay Kumar shared another tweet

Seeing the flak, Akshay shared another picture in which he is seen in the color of Holi with his daughter Nitara. Akshay and his daughter both face gulal. Akshay wrote in the caption, ‘There is no greater joy than celebrating the festival with those who are part of your heart’.

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