Akshay Kumar Called Out for Hypocrisy After Ram Mandir Video

Superstar Akshay Kumar is currently in discussion about many films and is also proclaiming films continuously. Recently he announced a film named Ram Sethu. Since then, discussions are being held continuously about him. But this time a video of him is going viral in which he is seen saying something about the Ram temple. Actually, the construction work of the Ram temple has started in Ayodhya, for which Akshay Kumar has also said to donate.

However, he is constantly being trolled after this. He posted a video and wrote .. ‘It is a matter of great pleasure that the construction of our grand temple of Shri Rama has begun in Ayodhya… Now it is our turn to contribute. I have started, hopefully you will also join together. Jai Siyaram.’ ‘

Lyricist and scriptwriter Puneet Sharma posted a clip from an old interview, wherein Akshay is seen talking about people wasting food and money on temples when so many are dying in the country of hunger. Akshay played the role of Lord Krishna in the film OMG: Oh My God!, where he spoke about the need to help people out instead of contributing to the building of large temples and decking out idols.

Akshay Kumar trolled by users

Since then, people have been calling out Akshay Kumar for not saying anything regarding the farmers’ movement. You can also see these comments which are becoming increasingly viral.

What did this user say?
This user says that .. be it Punjabi and Hindustani. Annadata(farmers) have been sitting on the streets for the last 53 days. Did not say a word, why?

Stop promoting
This user says “I am your big fan. Stop promoting Modi, We are secular and respect all religions.”

Laxmi Bomb
This user says that he is trying to control the damage of Laxmi Bomb.

This user says that .. do not have the courage to speak anything regarding farmers. In this case, these people store curd in their mouth.

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No Time for tweet
You have not got time to do a tweet on the martyrdom of 70 farmers. Earned a lot of money by wearing a turban of Sikhs.

User has written

You have said quite a good thing but if these funds were collected for school and hospital, it would have been quite good.

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