AIMIM spokesperson Asim Waqar shuts down Rubika Liyaquat when she defended rising fuel prices

ABP News anchor Rubika Liyaquat’s comment on petrol is viral on social media. In fact, while defending the Narendra Modi government for the rising prices of petrol and diesel, she said that the money for the tax of petrol is going to the government’s treasury only. She also said that due to Corona, the condition is bad all over the world, that’s the reason petrol prices have increased. The video clip of her comment is being shared a lot on social media by users. Comedian Kunal Kamra has also shared the video clip.

During the debate on Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to Uttar Pradesh on the debate show of ABP News, AIMIM spokesperson Syed Asim Waqar was saying, ‘Today when we raise the question about the petrol and diesel prices.. While he was still speaking, Rubika Liyaquat said while cutting his point, ‘And keep this thing in mind that petrol money does not go into anyone’s pocket, it goes to the government’s treasury.’

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Taking a jibe at her argument, the AIMIM spokesperson said, “This knowledge which you just gave me, you should have given to Smriti Irani and Sushma Swaraj before 2014. On this, Rubika Liyaquat said angrily, ‘You know that the situation in the whole world is so bad because of this corona.’

In response, the AIMIM spokesperson said, ‘Did it increase because of Corona?’ Rubika Liyaquat herself did not answer his question, when she asked other panelist to answer, the AIMIM spokesperson said, ‘You tell me, madam, I am asking to you. Rubika Liyaquat said in response, ‘No, no, if I tell, then I will say that Rubika Liyaquat has become the spokesperson of BJP.’ To this, the AIMIM spokesperson taking a potshot said that there is no need to say it, madam.

All Twitter users are giving their opinion on this video clip of Rubika Liyaquat. Ravish Kumar tweeted from the parody account, ‘No one needs to say that you are the undeclared spokesperson of BJP.’ Modi government is no longer needed.

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