AG agrees to initiate fresh contempt action against Kunal Kamra for his recent remarks on judiciary

Attorney General K.K.Venugopal has suggested comedian Kunal Kamra’s allegedly new derogatory remarks against the Supreme Court, be brought to the court’s attention in connection with the ongoing contempt of court against him. Earlier, Advocate Vineet Jindal had demanded Attorney General (AG) KK Venugopal to run a contempt case against Kamra on the basis of his controversial statement and viral video against Indian courts.

Advocate Vineet Jindal has written a letter to Attorney General of India KK Venugopal seeking permission to initiate contempt proceedings against stand-up comedian Kunal Kamra for defaming the Indian judiciary in his recent video.

Jindal alleges that Kamra is abusing the freedom of speech and expression. Every effort is being made to defame the Indian judicial system. He has said that Kamra has made derogatory and reprehensible statements about the Supreme Court from the Supreme Court. Let us inform you that a case is already going on against Kamra for contempt of court.

Advocate Jindal alleges that Kamra is trying to create discontent among Indian citizens by “challenging the secular nature of the judicial system and calling it a “Brahmin Bania” case. Earlier, BJP-Maharashtra legal Advisor Ashutosh J Dubey had also filed a suit against ‘comedian’ Kunal Kamra for deliberately maligning the image of the Supreme Court.

It is worth noting that a year ago standup comedian Kunal Kamra had made a tweet about the Supreme Court. In this case, Attorney General KK Venugopal had approved to initiate a contempt case against Kunal. This tweet was made by Kamra on the issue of granting bail to Republic TV editor-in-chief Arnab Goswami by the Supreme Court.

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