After PM’s tweet, #Panauti trends on Twitter as people blame PM Modi for India’s men’s hockey Semi-Final loss at Tokyo Olympics

Today was the biggest day for India in Tokyo Olympics. It was the day of the semi-finals. It was a dream day for the whole country…. It was a day to repeat history. But today millions of hearts were broken together. In the semi-finals, the Indian men’s hockey team suffered a major defeat against Belgium. Belgium beat India 5-2 in the semi-finals.

After a long wait of 49 years, the Indian men’s team reached the semi-finals, but the result did not go in India’s favor today. The Indian men’s hockey team lost 2-5 to world champions Belgium in the semi-finals of the Tokyo Olympic Games after losing three goals within the last 11 minutes.

But after this defeat, netizens started trolling the Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi. Actually, PM Modi had tweeted that he was watching the match. After his tweet, netizens blamed PM Modi for India’s defeat with the hashtag Panauti (Panauti: A Hindi term used for someone who brings bad luck and bad news to other people.) in their tweets, saying India lost because he watched the match. Panauti has been trending on Twitter since early morning today.

Meanwhile, netizens trolled Modi’s tweet saying that India lost the match because he watched the match. Even when he was referring to Chandrayaan 2 earlier, some said that the mission failed as soon as Modi went there.

India’s hopes of winning a silver medal, including a gold medal, in this year’s Olympics have been dashed. Though the Indian team will try to win a bronze medal by playing for the third place, the wait for a gold medal has increased for another Olympics.

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