After cow cabinet, now Shivraj govt is planning something more for cows

Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan said that the BJP government of the state is planning to impose some tax to raise money for the welfare of the cow dynasty. Addressing a public meeting at Salaria near Susner in Agar-Malwa district, on Sunday, Chauhan also argued for the first step in the Indian culture to feed Gau Mata (Gau Gras) in Indian culture, behind the possible move to levy tax for the welfare of the cows.

BJP leader Chauhan questioned the attendees, “I am thinking of levying some minor tax for the welfare of Gaumata and for the operation of cow shalas …. Is it okay?” Answered positively.

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He said, “In our homes the first roti was made for the cow and the last roti was fed to the dog. This was our Indian culture. Now most of the houses do not have cow grass and we cannot take separate cow grass, so we are thinking of imposing a small tax for the welfare of the cows. “

Apart from this, he said that a law will be made for the operation of cowsheds in the state and district collectors have been instructed to appoint a nodal officer for the operation of each cowshed. The Chief Minister informed that 2,000 cow schools will be built in the state and these will be operated with the help of social organizations. Earlier agriculture was impossible without cows, but tractors have changed farming. “

He said that when the cows stop giving milk, people leave the cows. That is why millions of cows are wandering the streets. These cows will get shelter in the cow sanctuary. Regarding the diet given to children in Anganwadi, the Chief Minister said that it has been decided to give milk to cow, which is like nectar, instead of eggs. This will benefit cows and cow rearing.

He said that cow dung has many uses and it helps in protecting the environment. Using Gaukashta (cylindrical pieces made of cow dung) in place of wood will protect the environment and will also cause good rainfall.

He said, “We have to save the environment. The use of urea and DAP fertilizer is like a slow poison for the earth. Whereas dung manure acts like nectar for the earth. If chemical fertilizers are used for a long time, the wheat crop will not be produced in the land. “

It was decided to set up a research center for the production of cow products in the cow sanctuary located in Agar Malwa and to promote the cow-based economy.

He wished the people involved in the meeting on the festival of Gopashtami dedicated to Lord Krishna and cows. The Chief Minister emphasized giving milk instead of eggs to help improve the health of the most malnourished children.

Officials said that the Chief Minister worshiped 11 cows in Gau Sanctuary during the day and interacted with experts. On Wednesday, the Chief Minister announced to set up a separate cabinet for the protection and promotion of the Gau Dynasty in Madhya Pradesh.

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