After Black and White Fungus, Yellow Fungus case reported in UP’s Ghaziabad which is more dangerous

Already, black fungus and white fungus have increased the problems of the people of the country amid the second wave of corona infection. Meanwhile, now the yellow fungus has emerged. This case of Yellow Fungus has been reported in Ghaziabad in Uttar Pradesh. Dr. BP Tyagi, ENT specialist from Ghaziabad, claims that the yellow fungus is far more dangerous than the black and white fungus.

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According to him, where the white fungus affects people’s lame, while the black fungus affects the brain. But yellow fungus is dangerous from both of them and before today no such fungus has been found in any human being. However similar types of fungus have been found in some animals.

What are the symptoms of yellow fungus?

He told that the symptoms of yellow fungus are similar to runny nose and headache, but this fungus does not allow the wound to heal. And for this reason it is said to be more dangerous. Talking to ABP News, Dr. BP Tyagi told- A patient came to me, who has got three fungus. It has a black fungus, a white fungus and a yellow fungus. I am seeing yellow fungus for the first time in my life. I have a career of 30 years.

How dangerous it is?

According to Dr. BP Tyagi, he has studied the entire medical science, after that he can say with the claim that yellow fungus has not been found anywhere in any human being till date. He said- the name of this fungus is Mookercepticals which has not yet been reported in mankind. I studied a lot on this, but nowhere in all of them is there about this. But, what we have read about it is that the wound that makes it in the nose when we clean it does not allow it to heal. And pus and blood keeps on leaking from that wound. Therefore, yellow fungus is proving to be more dangerous than both.

According to the son of the patient in which the patient is claimed to have yellow fungus, his father has Covid-19 for 2 months and after that he was continuously recovering but yesterday suddenly after bleeding from nose and eyes, he brought him here. The CMO of Ghaziabad, Dr. Narendra Gupta, told on the phone that no fungus has been revealed like the yellow fungus yet.

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