After Bajaj Auto, Parle to Blacklist ‘Toxic’ TV Channels

Amidst the coronavirus epidemic, Parle G stone-broke the 80-year record in terms of sales and it had been wide mentioned on social media. currently Parle G is over again trending the name of the company on social media, however this time the principle is completely completely different. Actually, the corporate has determined that it’ll not advertise its product on news channels and this step was likable by social media users. Soon after the news, #ParleG started trending on Twitter.

Major advertisers and media agencies say that they’re closely observing it. Parle G has determined this point. A senior official of Parle G aforementioned that the company will not advertise on news channels broadcasting content that dissolves poison in society.

Bajaj had earlier refused to advertise

Prior to Parle G, the Bajaj company declared that it would not advertise on news channels broadcasting allegedly ‘toxic offensive content’. justify that this call has been taken by some news channels once reports of alleged meddling of TV viewership that is TRP. The investigation goes on during this case.

Taking the fake TRP case seriously, Parle G will no longer advertise to those channels which act as a poison in society. People got so excited after this thing that Parle started trending on Twitter after this tweet. Parle’s decision means that Parle Ji’s advertisement will not be seen on some news channels.

Indian Civil Liberties Union gave info

The Indian Civil Liberties Union has declared this call of Parle G on Twitter and expressed, “Parle merchandise has determined to not advertise on news channels broadcasting unhealthful offensive content. These channels aren’t the kind on that the corporate needs to pay the cash because it isn’t its target shopper. The time has return for Bajaj and Parle to hitch alternative firms. “

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Earlier it absolutely was Bajaj machine MD Rajiv Bajaj, told a non-public news channel that his company has blacklisted 3 channels as his company didn’t wish to be related to “anything we have a tendency to feel could also be a supply of toxicity inside the society”, currently Parle has followed suit.

It is believed that in the coming times, some other big companies can pull their hands from advertising these channels. However, many companies are working on it. According to the Mumbai Police, this TRP fraud is worth 30 to 40 thousand crores. If this action of the Mumbai Police is correct, then in the coming times, these companies may have to lose a large part of their advertising revenue.

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