After Aamir Khan, Karan Johar also quits Twitter, said “Making space for more positive energies”

Karan Johar is one of those Bollywood celebrities who are the victims of trolling the most. Recently, as much as Karan has made headlines about his chat show Koffee with Karan, the director had to listen to the people as well. Is this the reason why Karan has said goodbye to Twitter?

Are you shocked that Karan is taking Twitter bye? If you do not believe, then read this tweet done by him yourself. Karan wrote a post on his account, “Making space for more positive energies only and this is step one towards that. Goodbye Twitter!” Karan suddenly leaving Twitter in this way, people are not liking it.

Now Karan Johar has already said goodbye. This was his last post. Fans are trying to find the reason for this. After all, why did Karan decide to leave Twitter? What was the reason that Karan said goodbye to such a big social media platform? Has Karan Johar really quit Twitter or is it a joke?

Karan Johar has often been accused of promoting nepotism and star kids. Whatever he posts, users do not miss the opportunity to troll him. Recently, in the Koffee with Karan chat show too, people trolled him about his behavior. He was taunted for promoting Alia in every episode, supporting Jhanvi between Sara and Jhanvi. It is believed that this is the reason why Karan has said goodbye to Twitter.

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