Afghan Resistance Forces Regain Control Over 3 Districts In Baghlan Province: Reports

There is some news coming in about the changing situation in Afghanistan between panic and resistance. It is being said in the media report that anti-Taliban forces have recaptured some districts in Baghlan province of the country from the Taliban. About 60 Talibani fighters have also been killed in this fight with the Taliban, while there have been many Taliban casualties. At the same time, people are coming out of their homes in different parts of Afghanistan in protest against the Taliban across the country and are protesting against it.

Afghanistan’s Aśvaka’ – سواکا News Agency has reported that the Public Resistance Forces have taken control of three districts of Baghlan province – Banu, Pol-e-Hesar and Deh Salah – after fighting with the Taliban. Many Taliban have also been killed in this fighting, while many have also been injured. At the same time, local sources have told that about 60 Taliban have been killed in this fight.

The Pul-e-Hesar district, which was liberated from Taliban control, is located in the north of Kabul, close to the Panjshir Valley. Here the Resistance Force is gathering its fighters to eliminate the influence of the Taliban. The Panjshir Valley is close to the Hindu Kush Mountains, which is still free from Taliban occupation. Afghanistan’s Vice-President Amrullah Saleh is from here and has been living here since the Taliban took over Kabul. He, along with the commander of the Resistance Force, Ahmed Masood, has spoken of fighting to liberate Afghanistan from Taliban rule.

At the same time, news is also coming that the Taliban representatives are meeting the Commander of the Resistance Force, Ahmed Masood. Ahmed Masood said in a video just before the recapture, “If anyone, whatever his name, tries to attack our homes, lands and our freedom, we will be like national hero Ahmed Shah Masood and other mujahideen. Are ready to lay down their lives, but will not let their land and their dignity be robbed.” He continued, “I thank you all for your pure feelings and intentions. By the will of God, we will continue our resistance together with our freedom fighters, commanders and our scholars.”

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