Adnan Sami deletes all his Instagram posts, said- ALVIDA

Adnan Sami has deleted all his posts on Instagram and wrote “ALVIDA’. All the posts on social media have been deleted except one post ‘Alvida’ by Adnan Sami, who was in discussion about reducing his weight and the fans are surprised to see this. However, there is also buzz on social media that ‘Alvida’ is his next music track, which is going to be great.

Adnan wrote ‘ALVIDA’
There is only one post on Adnan Sami’s Instagram page, in which ALVIDA is seen written on the video. While many are calling it a strategy to promote Adnan’s next track, many fans are worried as to what has happened to him. People are asking Adnan, who has given hit songs like ‘Lift Kara De’, ‘Bheegi-Bheegi Raaton Mein’ – Goodbye Kis, we are happy to see you here. A user has asked – Sir, what happened? Another fan has written – Never say goodbye Adnan Bhai.

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All his posts are on twitter
Let us tell you that the posts on Adnan’s Instagram seem to be deleted but all his posts are present on Twitter. Recently, he has been in a lot of discussion about his slim look. It was being told that Adnan had lost 145 kg in about 16 months.

Reduced his weight to 75 kg
Let us tell you that a few years ago Adnan used to be 220 kg, but after workouts and a lot of hard work, he had reduced his weight so much that everyone was surprised to see him. It was being told that he had reduced his weight to 75 kg.

The same happened in the year 2005, when Adnan disappeared from the industry for some time and when he returned, his slim look surprised everyone. Then he had to take the help of surgery because due to the fat, he started having trouble breathing.

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