Adani faces massive protest in London, protesters angry over his association with the Science Museum

Adani faces massive protest in London: A new gallery, the Energy Revolution Gallery, is set to be launched at the Science Museum in London next year, sponsored by Adani Green Energy. The partnership between Science Museum and Adani is being opposed from the beginning. In December 2021, forest dwellers or natives from all over the world gathered in the museum with a request to save the environment. These people had also urged to end the relationship with Adani.

The whole world knows about his coal business, the world also knows that Adani’s coal business has spread not only in India but also in Australia. They have not only destroyed the environment in India, but they have discussions till Australia.

Adani faces massive protest in London Science Museum

Right now, when the science exhibition is being organized in the Science Museum, the science teachers of many schools in the United Kingdom are boycotting it, and not bringing the students to this exhibition. Through an open letter, more than 400 science teachers and academicians have demanded from the Science Museum that the relationship with Adani should be terminated with immediate effect. Also threatened that as long as Adani’s name is associated with the Science Museum, the teachers will not come to the museum with the students.

Ian McDermott, a science teacher at Harris Westminster School in London, has been bringing his students to the Science Museum for the past 25 years. He has said that businessmen like Adani resort to prestigious institutions like Science Museum to hide their contribution to climate change from the world’s eyes.

Meryl Batchelder, a science teacher at Corbridge Shield School, has said that we teach children about reducing carbon emissions, we ask them to apply it in our lives, then how can we bring children to such places where Traders who continuously emit carbon dioxide into the atmosphere are investing money to wash their stains. The world knows that Adani is one of the largest traders of coal in the world.

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