Actors disguised as Lord Shiva & Parvarti to protest against inflation arrested for hurting religious sentiments in Assam

Actors arrested for hurting religious sentiments in Assam: Amidst controversy over the poster of filmmaker Leena Manikellai’s documentary film Kali, a new case of hurting religious sentiments has come from Assam. The news is that the actor and actress who played the character of lord Shiva and goddess Parvati were going on a bike in Nagaon city of Assam. After this, they started arguing about some issue on the road. The argument escalated so much that the police had to intervene in the matter.

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The incident took place on Saturday morning at around 8.30 am. A young man in the guise of Lord Shiva appeared on the streets of Nagaon with a girl dressed as Goddess Parvati on a Royal Enfield bullet. Both were riding bullets in the disguise of Shiva-Parvati. According to the information, suddenly his bullet ran out of petrol. The girl who became Parvati got angry about this. After this, an argument started between the two.

The debate between the two went beyond petrol and reached inflation in the country and the problems of the common man. People gathered there seeing the debate taking place in the middle of the market. The news reached Hindu organizations. Vishwa Hindu Parishad and Bajrang Dal filed a police report alleging insult to the deities. The matter got heated. After this the police arrested both of them.

Actors arrested for hurting religious sentiments in Assam

In the statement given to the police, the youth who became Shiva said that he is an actor by profession. The girl who became Parvati told the police that her name is Parismita Das. Both claimed that they had done the drama to attract public attention by making constructive protests. Brinicha Bora, who became Shiva, said that many people pray to Lord Shiva to get rid of their problems and worries.

That is why both of us took the form of Shiva Parvati and tried to spread awareness among the people through drama. Parvati turned actress Parsmita Das said that usually rallies are taken out to bring awareness among the people. They cost more. Still, people don’t pay much attention to such things. In such a situation, we tried this creative method, so that people can understand the matter.

Arrested for hurting religious sentiments

However, the Hindutva organizations did not seem to agree with these young man and woman who played the role of Shiva Parvati. A police report was lodged against both of them. Vishva Hindu Parishad and Bajrang Dal, who filed the report, said that both of them presented our deities in a wrong way, its freedom cannot be given to anyone. Said why our deities were used and humiliated? We can never tolerate this kind of behavior.

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