Actor Siddharth Shuts Down BJP Leader Who Called Him a ‘School Dropout’

While most Indian celebrities have been criticised for their silence about political issues, actor Siddharth of Rang De Basanti fame, has regularly expressed his political views on social media. The actor has been tweeting in support of the farmers’ protests and against activists being detained. Just like when the cyber cell of Delhi Police arrested 21-year-old climate activist Disha Ravi. The actor also reacted to this.

Police had alleged that Disha shared the disputed toolkit of Greta Thunberg. When this news came out, the Delhi Police was severely criticized. Now on this response of actor Siddharth, BJP leader Karuna Gopal also tweeted and wrote, ‘Who is this boy? Could school drop out? ‘ After this tweet of compassion, there is a heated debate between the two.

First let us tell you from where this case started. In fact, actor Siddharth had questioned the arrest of climate activist Disha Ravi and supported her. He tweeted and wrote, ‘If you go to watch a movie with your friends, then you message them all about which movie you are going to see, what time the show is there and where to meet. This can be called a toolkit. The IT cell that does this is the ugly version of it. Stop this gimmick. ‘ Retweeting the actor’s tweet, BJP leader Karuna Gopal also tweeted. After which this twitter war is not stopping.

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Retweeting the tweet of actor Karuna Gopal wrote, ‘Who is this person? A school dropout maybe…? I have seen him many times writing baseless things mostly provocative in nature. ‘

After this tweet from Karuna, Siddharth also replied and he wrote, ‘This lady badgered me for months to attend her panel discussion at ISB in 2009, which I did, along with Jay Prakash Narayan. Back then too I was a Post Graduate and I spoke my mind. She however sold both her integrity and her memory to her master. Now spreads Modi lies and vomit.’

This twitter war is not over here either. Karuna Gopal then tried to defend herself wrote, ‘I CHAIRED the session at ISB . You were a panellist brought in by someone from the school . My invitees were 2 WEF ( World Economic Forum ) Young leaders . Accommodating you is proving to be a big mistake. Should have done my due diligence.’ After which actor Siddharth tweeted and wrote, ‘I have many emails in my Gmail inbox. Do you want me to make them all public? Technology is a beautiful thing. This will be my last conversation with you in this life. Likewise you have taken a lot of my time.’

Actor Siddharth Shuts Down BJP Leader

This Twitter fight got intensified. After this Karuna Gopal tweeted and wrote, ‘It must have sent mails in my name from my office. Obviously you would not know this. Only professionals do this. Hopefully you will grow up to know this soon. Get out of my timeline now. ‘ What was next, the actor also immediately responded to Karuna’s tweet and shared a screenshot of the mail she had sent.

BJP leader Karuna Gopal got rattled on getting exposed by the actor and tweeted, ‘Ok Siddharth. You proved your presence, as well as some of the conversations you and I had in the past via email. Frustrated. As far as your followers are concerned, it is quite straightforward. Don’t drag them into your left ideology. ‘ Siddharth wrote on this, ‘You started it and it ends now Savarkar ooooo Savarkar…..Bye’.

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