Actor Siddharth Gives Perfect Answer To BJP Andhra Pradesh’s State Secretary

Actor Siddharth has been active on social media in recent times. Also do not hesitate to respond on social and political issues. However, his remarks on the failures of the central government have drawn criticism from BJP fans who have been targeting Siddharth for criticising BJP government at centre.

Siddharth is also facing it, but the actor’s witty reply for BJP State General Secretary for Andhra Pradesh is going viral on social media. BJP leader Vishnuvardhan Reddy tagged Siddharth and wrote, “All his films are being produced with Dawood Ibrahim funding.” He challenged Siddharth to answer this.

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Actor Siddharth’s reply:

However, Siddharth also reacted strongly and replied that Dawood Ibrahim was not ready to pay his dues and that he was paying his taxes himself and that he is a perfect citizen. Instead of stopping there, Vishnuvardhan Reddy was told by the counter that you, the BJP state secretary, should be ashamed and go to bed.

Recently, movie star Siddharth made harsh remarks on Karnataka BJP MP Tejaswi Surya. He tweeted that Tejasvi Surya is more dangerous than the terrorist Ajmal Kasab. BJP leader Vishnu Vardhan was incensed by the tweet. He appealed Twitter India to take action against him.

Actor Siddharth also got the support of netizens. Some commented that Vishnuvardhan Reddy is not ashamed even if he was slapped by someone on Telugu channels. Netizens lashed out at Vishnuvardhan Reddy, saying that it was ridiculous for others to make such absurd allegations, that the BJP leaders would continue to survive politically by holding on to the worn-out Dawood Ibrahim record, and that these were not remarks that should be made by a BJP state secretary level person. However, the tradition of branding anyone who questions the central government as terrorists and close associates of Dawood Ibrahim has become more prevalent on social media in recent times.

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