Actor Manoj Joshi faces intense backlash over his Anti-Muslim communal tweet

Bollywood actor Manoj Joshi on Sunday faced an intense backlash from netizens after his tweet targetting Muslims went viral on social media. 55-year-old Manoj Joshi tweeted a reference to Covid-19 on Sunday. In his tweet, he allegedly targeted Muslims, which has created a ruckus now. There is a demand on social media to take action against Manoj Joshi. He is also being by netizens.

Manoj Joshi wrote a one liner on his Twitter handle. Joshi wrote in hindi – “Do the houses which were raising Afzals, also raise doctors someday?” Manoj Joshi’s statement has come at a time when the whole country is struggling with Covid-19. The actor’s tweet went viral in a few hours, after which social media users started calling out him for spreading hatred against Muslims.

While some are condemning his words, others are proving it to him that Muslims are helping people amidst this pandemic just like other citizens of the country.

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One twitter user wrote “Even in this terrible disaster, if you are able to talk hate and communal, then believe me you are not a human being. By the way, there are thousands of people in our country who are doctors and are doing good human service. For example, Dr. Kafeel Khan.

Here is how others are reacting:

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