According to the records, Javed Pump’s wife Fatima is the owner of the house demolished by Yogi govt

Taking action against Mohammad Javed ‘Pump’, the main conspirator of the violence in Prayagraj, the administration destroyed his house with a bulldozer. At the same time, after the action, some such documents have come out which are indicating that the house was not in the name of accused Javed Pump but in the name of his wife Praveen Fatima.

The household water bill receipt issued by Prayagraj’s Jal Kal department on February 8 shows that Parveen Fatima had paid a water bill of Rs 4,578. On the other hand a certificate dated January 28 issued by Prayagraj Municipal Corporation shows that house number 39C/2A/1 is in the name of Parveen Fatima and the house tax for the financial year 2020-2021 was also paid from the same.

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Let us inform, Prayagraj administration on Sunday (12-June-2022) after giving only one day’s notice demolished Javed Pump’s house saying that the construction of Uttar Pradesh Urban Planning and Development Act, 1973 (Uttar Pradesh Urban Planning). and Development Act, 197). The notice issued by the administration did not name Parveen Fatima but her husband Mohammad Javed, who was arrested by Prayagraj police on Saturday (11-June-2022) on charges of violence.

According to ‘The Indian Express’, Sumaiya Fatima, the younger daughter of Javed and Fatima, told that the PDA (Prayagraj Development Authority) issued a notice in the name of my father and demolished my mother’s house. This was gifted to my mother by her father Kalimuddin Siddiqui two decades ago. Initially only one storey was built, but later two more storeys were built.

Talking to ‘The Indian Express’, Javed’s family’s lawyer KK Roy said that the house demolished on Sunday is in the name of Parveen Fatima, wife of Mohammad Javed, while the notice sent on Saturday was in the name of Javed Mohammad. According to Muslim law, the property of the wife does not belong to the husband.

When an attempt was made to contact PDA Secretary Ajit Singh and Zonal Officer Ajay Kumar regarding this matter, they refused to say anything. DM Sanjay Kumar Khatri was also not present to comment.

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