Abortion right ends in US, Supreme Court overturns 50-year-old law

The Supreme Court of America has abolished constitutional protection for abortion, overturning a decision in the ‘Roe v Wade case’. After this development on Friday, almost half of the states are expected to ban abortion. This decision was unthinkable until a few years ago. The Supreme Court’s decision marks a success of decades of anti-abortion anti-abortion efforts.

Supreme Court overturns 50 years old decision

The US Supreme Court, overturning the historic ‘Roe v Wade’ decision of 50 years old 1973, abolished the right to abortion. Through this law, American women had the right to make their own decision to have an abortion or not. The Roe v Weed decision ensured a woman’s right to an abortion and said that individual states could allow or restrict the procedure on their own. This decision of the court has angered those organizations which have been demanding to make abortion a woman’s right.

Joe Biden called the court’s decision wrong
US President Joe Biden has said that he will do everything in his capacity to protect women’s rights in view of abortion rules in those states where it will be banned. At the same time, Joe Biden said that politicians will not be allowed to interfere in decisions that will be between a woman and her doctor. The US President has termed the court decision wrong. He has appealed to those advocating constitutional safeguards for abortion to protest only in a peaceful manner.

Anti-abortion legislation is not national. Some Democratic-led states such as California and New York have expanded reproductive rights. In such a situation, pregnant women in banned states will have to travel hundreds of miles to abortion facilities or have abortions at home using medicine and other methods.

Research shows that whether legal or not, people get abortions. In countries where access to abortion is limited or illegal, women face complications such as infection, excessive bleeding, and perforation of the uterus. The report states that those who must carry a pregnancy to full term are more likely to have pregnancy-related deaths.

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