‘Abhi to hamein aur zaleel hona hai’: Richa Chadha takes a dig at falling rupee as Indian currency touches new low of Rs 79.57 against dollar

The Indian rupee is continuously falling against US dollar. On July 12 also, the Indian rupee declined by 13 paise against the US dollar. After which the rupee has reached the lowest level in history. Meanwhile Bollywood actress Richa Chadha has tweeted about this.

Actress Richa Chadha has always surprised everyone with her acting. She put life into whatever roles she played. Apart from films, she has always surprised people with her impetuosity. She keeps her point without fear from anyone.

Sharing this news, Richa Chadha took a dig at the falling rupee. The actress tweeted, “Rupee be like abhi to hamein aur zaleel hona hai…
Pssst – Zalaalat and Jahaalat go hand in hand !
Century maaro Rupee! Shabash!

Richa Chadha takes a dig at falling rupee against Dollar

Netizens have also shown support to the actress’ tweet. A user named Sanjeev Goyal wrote, “The import business is in bad shape. I was waiting for the dollar to drop to pay for my imports. Then I paid yesterday. I felt bad that the damage was done. But today the dollar rose by 63 paise. Now happy that Rs 23000 more loss has been avoided.” Another user wrote, “Weak rupee has its own advantages Richa ji. Will tell you in detail sometime.”

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Let us tell you that now one US dollar equals to 79.58 rupees of Indian currency. The value of the Indian rupee has been falling continuously since March 2022. The rupee has fallen to its lowest level in July. The Indian currency was around 74 against the dollar in January. Then in March once again reached below 77. It is feared that this fall may go beyond the 80 mark.

The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) is also not able to stop this decline. The reason for the falling price of the Indian rupee is the strengthening of the US dollar in the international market.

The continuous fall in the Indian rupee is going to have an impact on the import business. Now India will have to pay manifold more money to order goods from abroad. Due to the cost of imported goods, the general public is also going to be affected.

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