Aaj Tak journalist fired over tweets on PM Narendra Modi, Company cites social media policy violation

Shyam Meera Singh, a journalist working at Aaj Tak news channel, has alleged that he was fired from his job for tweeting on the Prime Minister Narendra Modi. After being fired from the job, the journalist commented on social media and wrote that my journey of journalism has ended with Aaj Tak. I have been fired from Aaj Tak because of my two tweets on PM Modi.

The fired journalist, while commenting, has also cited the tweets due to which he has been fired. He wrote that the two tweets for which I have been removed are these two tweets – Those who say respect the Prime Minister, he should first tell Modi to respect the post of Prime Minister.

His second tweet was – When I write something here on Twitter, some people start tagging my company and demands my removal from the company. But I will not hold back from writing it that “Modi is a shameless Prime Minister.”

Shyam Meera Singh wrote that these are two things on which I was fired or someone forced them to fire me. Seven months back, when I joined Aaj Tak, I still knew what to write, for whom to speak. Since then, the company was being tagged and written by the supporters of the ruling party that ‘this man (me) should be removed from Aaj Tak, because he writes in opposition to Modi. For the past few days also, this pressure was being made on the company by a section through social media. I have finally been fired from Aaj Tak after these two tweets. I don’t have any complaints against anyone.

He said that I stand for what I wrote. These are the things that not only as a journalist, but as a citizen, I was expected to call a shameless Prime Minister who can tweet on a player’s thumb injury, but an honest journalist who was martyred abroad but he doesn’t speak a word. It was expected of me as a citizen to call the Prime Minister ‘Shameless’ whose rhetoric left millions of citizens of my country alone to die in Corona. I was expected to shamelessly call such a Prime Minister and his government, because of which a large minority of this country lives in fear everyday, who is afraid every day that if I go to get vegetables in the evening, will I be able to return home or not? I will be killed for being a beard and a Muslim. I was expected to call the PM shameless, who suppresses the news of the martyrdom of 21 soldiers in Ladakh, and to save his throne, give a clean chit to the enemy country by saying that no one entered the border, there was no dispute. is. Let the country know from the rest that our soldiers have been murdered.

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The journalist said that any party, students, workers, teachers, education friends, organizations of Dalits should come on the road to protest themselves and the police should break their back with sticks. Then I am required to tell the Prime Minister sitting on top of that police atrocity that he is ‘shameless’. Thousands of farmers lay on the streets on the borders of Delhi for eight months, hundreds of elderly of them die on the dharna, and the prime minister says that I am only a call away, then as a citizen I am expected to do that. Call the Prime Minister shameless.

Shyam Meera Singh wrote that there are thousands of such things and hundreds of incidents on which the Prime Minister of this country should be called not only shameless, but a sly, a thief and a cowardly dictator who crushes the rights of innocent citizens. That’s why I don’t feel sorry for my words or words. I was aware from the first day of my job that sooner or later I would be asked to resign or be fired at any minute on a call from the PMO residence. While doing every tweet, it used to come in the mind that after this there should be no FIR or notice should not be sent. How will I deal with it? He used to write this risk even after thinking in his mind.

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