Aaj Tak anchor Chitra Tripathi’s journalist husband robbed at gunpoint in Noida Extension

Five miscreants on two bikes robbed Atul Aggarwal, editor of news channel ‘Hindi Khabar’, late Saturday night in Noida Extension, Uttar Pradesh. The miscreants carried out the incident on the strength of pistol and also threatened to shoot. The TV anchor shared his pain while sharing this entire incident on social media. At the same time, wife and Aaj Tak anchor Chitra Tripathi has kept her silence on this incident with husband Atul Agarwal. On Twitter, users are constantly asking Chitra Tripathi to give her opinion on this incident.

Actually, Atul Aggarwal wrote a post on Facebook on Sunday and told that, at around 1 pm on Saturday night, he was passing through Noida Extension in a car. As soon as he reached 300 meters from the Noida side of the Rise police post, his music system went off. He stopped the car and started checking the pen drive etc. When five miscreants on two bikes reached there and signaled to open the gate of the car, but he did not open the gate. When a miscreant took out a pistol and threatened to shoot, he got out.

After this the miscreants started looting by using abusive language. The miscreants looted about 5-6 thousand rupees kept in his pockets. Asked to withdraw money from ATM too, but he said that he did not have the card. The miscreants also snatched the mobile, but Atul told them that they can be caught with it. On this they threw the mobile in the car. When a miscreant asked him to shoot, Atul cried for his innocent son. The miscreants fled from the spot threatening only after looting the cash.

After this incident with Atul Aggarwal, social media users are demanding action from Noida Police in this matter. At the same time, some social media users are demanding Aaj Tak anchor and Atul Agarwal’s wife Chitra Tripathi to give her opinion on this issue.

When Chitra Tripathi was contacted over phone, she disconnected the call without answering our questions before fully listening. He said that he should talk to him on this issue. It’s time for my news bulletin now. After saying this, he cut the call.

Regarding Chitra Tripathi’s silence on this matter, a user wrote in his tweet, “Chitra Tripathi till today anchor and husband of BJP spokesperson Chitra Tripathi robbed in Noida ji, if this loot had happened in Mayawati or Akhilesh government, what would have been your attitude? Would you keep quiet like that?”

Another wrote, “Journalist Atul Agrawal was robbed at gunpoint just 250 to 300 meters away from the police station in Noida Extension, survived. That’s a big deal Chitra Tripathi, the so called undeclared spokesperson of Ram Rajya. She will say something about this Ram Rajya.”

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