A red faced Sadhguru loses cool, tells BBC journalist to switch off camera during the interview

A self-styled godman Jaggi Vasudev aka Sadhguru, while giving an interview to BBC Tamil lost his cool and eventually forcefully switched off the cameras.

A video clip of the interview has gone viral on social media, where Jaggi is seen getting increasingly perturbed by the journalist’s questions.

Vasudev got angry when BBC journalist was asking him questions as to why he did not get environmental clearance for his projects.

Jaggi said, “The government has said that there is no illegal occupation here, everything is fine, is there no law in this country? Is there no government? Let them do their work. When the government is following the law, you Why is the ‘media’ doing this?”

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Despite Vasudev trying to shush him, BBC journalists did not back down and posed another question, “When you’re so concerned about the environment, why don’t you take proper permission before you start these buildings?”

Vasudev shushed him again and said, “Isn’t there a government? Isn’t there a law? Let them do their job. Leave it…Enough now, please.”

When the interviewer didn’t back down, he said in English, “Again your nonsense you’re saying…Turn off his camera. Enough…Listen, man, listen to me. Every law that is there in the country has been followed. If there is any discrepancy we fixed it, a long time ago, 20 years ago, some small discrepancy.”

Sadhguru’s interview with BBC Tamil

After this, the camera went off immediately and BBC News Tamil flashed a message on the screen, which said that “Those who were with Jaggi Vasudev forced off three BBC cameras”.

Let us tell you that Vasudev’s Isha Foundation premises in Coimbatore was built in gross violation of laws and rules. Comptroller and Auditor General(CAG) had in 2018 made grave allegations against Sadhguru’s Isha Foundation, that it did not have prior approval for the buildings constructed in Booluvapatti village in Coimbatore district and that it sought the required clearances almost three years after the construction was over. 

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