‘A Prime Minister of 1.4 billion cultured people cannot be a political hijda’: Subramanian Swamy

Senior Bharatiya Janata Party leader and MP Subramanian Swamy has advised the Indian government to adopt a clear policy in the Russo-Ukraine war. Seemingly unhappy with Russia’s attack on Ukraine, Swamy has asked Prime Minister Narendra Modi whether he will register his protest against President Vladimir Putin’s attack on Ukraine, reversing the Delhi declaration of the BRICS resolution last year.

Subramanian Swamy tweeted on this matter and said, “Now that it is clear that what Russia has done in Ukraine is violates BRICS resolution in Delhi declaration of last year. Will Modi have the guts to tell Putin to back off?”

Simultaneously, Swamy challenged Prime Minister Narendra Modi in another tweet, saying, “Have India’s policy makers decided to commit Sati with Putin? When barbarians come from abroad, it was considered a noble womanly act to commit Sati. Not now. Women are now back to be like Durga, Sarasvati, or Lakshmi. They are equal not property. So Bharat Mata demands no Sati.”

Subramanian Swamy does not seem to be satisfied with the Indian government’s move on the issue of Russia’s Ukraine attack. Perhaps this is the reason why Swamy, while replying to a user on his ‘BRICS proposal’ tweet, allegedly used derogatory words about the PM, saying, “A Prime Minister of 1.4 billion cultured people cannot be a political hijda”.

On February 24, Russia attacked neighboring Ukraine. Russia does not want Ukraine to join the US-led NATO federation. For this, Russia had been warning Ukraine since last December. Putin has reportedly ordered his nuclear weapons to be on ‘alert’ in view of the conflict that has been going on for the past six days. Due to which there is a lot of uneasiness in the whole world including the US.

At present, about 16,000 Indian students are also stranded in Ukraine. According to the information received there, an Indian student has died in Ukraine violence. It is being told that a 21 year old Indian student named Naveen Shekharappa died in Kharkiv when he came under Russian attack. Naveen was a resident of Chalgeri in Karnataka and two days before his death, he had made a video call to his family and told them that he was safe.

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