A government driver in Haryana lost his job after writing a hilarious Facebook post on deputy cm Dushyant Chautala

The driver of Hansi Tehsildar has been dismissed for posting against Facebook Deputy Chief Minister Dushyant Chautala and JJP on social media via Facebook. This action has been taken by SDM. The letter issued to sack the driver states that you had an objectionable post against the Deputy Chief Minister which is a punishable offense. Therefore, you are being released from your post. At the same time, Pannalal, the driver who was freed, said that his Facebook ID was hacked. As soon as the matter comes up, the opposition has accused the state government of taking action.

According to the information received, Pannalal was employed as a driver under the outsourcing policy in Hansi tehsil. Someone near the SDM sent screenshots of Pannalal’s Facebook post on mobile. According to the sources, instead of seeking a reply from the SDM office, giving notice to Pannalal, he took direct action. Pannalal says that he does not know who posted on his Facebook, while he has always been following government orders.

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What was the post?

When we searched Pannalal’s account on Facebook, it was not found. It is possible that the account has been deleted. But a journalist’s tweet was found on social media. Which got some information about what Pannalal – who was named Sonu Bura on Facebook – wrote.

There is a Facebook user named Ashish Rathi. The post seems to be a supporter of JJP. He posted a post on 18 July. Expressing the joy of Dushyant Chautala’s Covid report coming negative. But when we went in the comments of that post, it was understood that in the excitment, Ashish Rathi first wrote ‘Positive’ instead of ‘Negative’. It was written something like this –

Your blessings have worked,

Brother’s (Dushyant Chautala) report found Corona positive.

People were putting screenshots of this in the comment box. Later Ashish Rathi may have corrected it by editing it.

The screenshot of Ashish Rathi’s Facebook post containing this mistake was allegedly shared by the driver Pannalal. And wrote together –

“This is the condition of JJP IT Cell people. They are thanking people by calling Chautala’s Corona report positive.”

The Facebook ID of the driver Pannalal is named Sonu Bura. When the screenshot of his same post reached ‘Sahab’, he was sacked.

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