A Cabinet minister has threatened to topple Modi govt with support of 252 BJP MPs

Cabinet minister has threatened to topple Modi govt: A newspaper interview of a cabinet minister in Narendra Modi govt who claimed to have support of 252 BJP MPs with him has created a huge storm on social media. The interview, published by Maharashtra Lokmat Times, did not disclose the identity of the cabinet minister who claimed to threaten Narendra Modi with the support of 252 MPs. The interview is published in the Nagpur edition of Lokmat Times.

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The headline of the news report read, “All is not well with top BJP leadership, claims senior cabinet minister in Modi government.” According to the report of Lokmat Times, “There are also big differences in the BJP leadership.” According to the newspaper, this has been disclosed by a ‘senior cabinet minister’ of the Modi government during an ‘informal conversation’. But, the identity of the cabinet minister has not been disclosed.

Cabinet minister has threatened to topple Modi govt

The report claimed that the senior minister was once so hurt by Modi that he told the prime minister, “If you have guts, try to remove me from the council of ministers.” According to Lokmat Times, the minister made the claim that, he has the power to topple the Modi government as he has the support of 252 MPs, but he is bound by the ideology.

According to the report, Rajnath Singh used to argue with PM Modi but now has surrendered to the PM. The minister also alleged that PM Modi has been using Central agencies like ED, Income Tax, CBI against the Opposition.

The report in question also claimed that Modi had prevented Pankaj Singh from becoming a minister in the UP government after Yogi Adityanath won a decisive mandate for the second time. Let us tell you that Pankaj Singh is the son of Defense Minister Rajnath Singh and is an MLA from Noida. Pankaj Singh has become MLA for the second time in a row.

Cabinet minister has threatened to topple Modi govt

After this report came out, there was a storm on social media regarding this news. While Modi’s critics are taking a dig at the government, his supporters are taking a dig at the newspaper in Maharashtra by calling the interview a fictional work.

There has been no reaction from the government or the BJP on the claims made by the Maharashtra-based newspaper.

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