“90 % literacy in Kerala,” BJP leader cites reason for party’s low performance in polls

BJP MLA O Rajagopal said that the reason for the BJP’s inability to achieve growth in Kerala is high literacy. Rajagopal said that the people of the state are highly literate and they are thinking and interacting and that is why the BJP is not growing fast. He made this statement in an interview to a national media.

90 % literacy in Kerala

According to Rajagopal, there are two or three reasons behind the BJP’s failure to grow in the state. He says that Kerala is different. “Kerala has 90 per cent literacy rate. People are thinking and debating. This is a sign of literate people. This is the first problem for BJP. The second problem is that Kerala has 55 per cent Hindus and 45 per cent minorities. So these factors come up in all calculations.” During an interview to The Indian Express he said “For these reasons, Kerala cannot be compared to any other state. The situation here is different”. However, he added that the BJP is growing slowly in Kerala.

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Rajagopal said that the praise for Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan was not for political reasons. He said that if someone has done good works, it should be appreciated honestly and he should be honest in politics. To be a politician, you don’t have to lie, you have to tell the truth. I have no opinion about VS Achuthanandan. Every human being has certain qualities. Pinarayi Vijayan has the ability to handle things. He is sensible.” His answer was to the question about praising Pinarayi.

“He’s the son of a cheater. He came from a very poor situation. The reason he’s reached this position now is because of some of his qualities. We have to accept that truth. We can not deliberately lie about it.” Rajagopal said. Rajagopal further says “he was friendly with everyone and maintained good relations with communists and socialists even when he was in jail during the Emergency.”

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