6 poll officials suspended after 171 votes cast in Assam booth that has 90 voters

Assembly elections are going on in Assam. Meanwhile, major irregularities have been revealed at a polling station in Dima Hasao district of Assam. Actually, there are only 90 voters registered at this booth but there are total 171 votes cast. On Monday, officials said that this polling station is in Haflong assembly constituency. The second phase of polling in this place was held on April 1. Let us tell you that in Haflong this time the total turnout was 74 percent.

Officials said that after the incident came to light, the District Election Officer proposed to suspend five election officials of the polling station and vote again. This polling station was in 107 (A) of Khotlir LP School.

However, an official order has not yet been issued to hold a re-election at this polling station. The suspension order was issued by Dima Hasao Deputy Commissioner of Police cum District Election Officer only on April 2, but it appeared on Monday.

Assam Assembly Election

For negligence in the discharge of duty, the Election Commission immediately granted S. Lhangum (Sector Officer), Prahlad C. Roy (Presiding Officer), Parmeshwar Charangsa (First Voting Officer), Swaraj Kanti Das (Second Voting Officer) and L. Theek (Third Voting Officer) Suspended from impact.

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Officials told the news agency PTI that there were only 90 names in the voter list for the polling station, but the EVM has a total of 171 votes. An official said that the village head refused to accept the voter list and came there with his list. After this, the people of the village voted according to the same list.

However, it is not yet completely clear why the election officials accepted the demand of the head of the village and whether or not security personnel were stationed there or what was their role in it.

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