5 richest WWE wrestlers in the year 2022, know the earnings of Brock Lesnar-Roman Reigns

5 richest WWE wrestlers: WWE is the most popular company in the world of wrestling entertainment. Any wrestler has to work very hard to reach here. Some Indian superstars are also working in this company. Brock Lesnar and Roman Reigns are currently the biggest wrestlers in WWE. Both these wrestlers are also on top in terms of earnings. It is worth noting that Lesnar works as a part-timer and Roman Reigns is seen as an active superstar. Despite this, Lesnar is at number one. Well, in the year 2022, the list of top 4 highest earning wrestlers has also come out. Fightful and Wrestling Observer have revealed this in their reports. Let us tell you about these five superstars.

1) Brock Lesnar

Lesnar has been working as a part-timer for the past few years. He is the biggest superstar of the current era. He has been in the company for more than 20 years. Whenever he comes to the ring, WWE earns a lot. Vince McMahon also gives money to Lesnar. Lesnar’s salary is currently five million dollars.

Not only this, Lesnar gets separate money for doing the main event of a show. He charges five lakh dollars for a main event. Now you can understand how much money Lesnar earns from WWE. Apart from this, they also earn from merchandise.

2) Roman Reigns

In terms of earnings, the current undisputed champion is Roman Reigns at number two. The brand value of Roman Reigns has increased for the last three years. In the year 2020, he took a heel turn and since then his earnings have also become tremendous. After Brock Lesnar, Roman Reigns gives the most business to WWE.

Roman Reigns’ annual salary is more than five million dollars. He works as an active wrestler, due to which he does not get money for the main event. Although he earns a lot from WWE shop and merchandise. In this case, he has also left behind John Cena.

3) Randy Orton

Orton is currently working as the oldest active wrestler. Orton has achieved immense success in WWE. WWE also always gave him credit for this. At this time he is working to promote new wrestlers.

After Lesnar and Reigns, Orton comes third in terms of earnings. Orton still gets a lot of love from the fans. Orton’s annual salary is currently around four million dollars. Now maybe after some time Orton will also take retirement from WWE.

4) Seth Rollins

Rollins has made a huge name for himself in WWE in a very short time. He always did a tremendous job as heel and face. WWE also pushed him from time to time and he took advantage of it. Rollins’ number comes in fourth place in terms of earnings.

Rollins got success in WWE only after the year 2016, but even then he is in the list of highest earners on the roster. Rollins is paid an annual salary of $3 million by WWE. Apart from the salary, Rollins earns a lot from the WWE shop.

5) AJ Styles

AJ Styles hasn’t had many years in WWE. Even before coming here, AJ Styles was a big name in the world of wrestling. Because of this, he was pushed very early in WWE. AJ Styles always took advantage of this.

AJ Styles currently comes at number five in terms of earnings. Recently AJ Styles has signed a multi year contract. Styles is also given a salary of around three million dollars by WWE. Apart from this, he also earns from other promotions.

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