39 students in MP vaccinated for Covid-19 with a single syringe, Vaccinator says ‘Not my fault’

39 students in MP: To protect against corona, 200 crore doses of vaccine have been applied in India. However, in the meantime, shocking news has come out from Madhya Pradesh. In the Jain Public School of Sagar in MP, 39 children were vaccinated with a single syringe, taking serious negligence in the corona vaccination. As soon as the matter came to light, there was a stir in the local administration.

In fact, a corona vaccination camp was set up in the school. The Health Department had also imposed the duty of nursing students studying in the private college Nursing College SVN for this. During this, a third year student named Jitendra Raj started immunization of children. He vaccinated about 39 children with a single syringe. The matter came to light when Dinesh Namdev, the father of a student, caught sight of it. After this there was a ruckus in the school. When the matter escalated, student Jitendra was removed from the spot.

According to Dinesh Namdev, when the vaccinator was questioned about using same syringe, he told that the HOD sir has asked everyone to apply the vaccine with the same syringe. Dinesh said, “If something happens to the children due to this negligence, who will take the responsibility, the administration or the government? This did not happen even during the British rule.”

The health worker, Jitendra Ahirwar, said it wasn’t his fault and he was given only one syringe and the vaccine vials to administer the vaccines. “I followed what I have told to do,” he said on a video, presumed to have been recorded by a parent at the vaccination site, Sagar’s Jain Public School.

Asked if he was aware that one syringe should not be used to inject multiple people, Jitendra shot back, said, “I know that. Which is why I asked them if I have to use just one syringe and they said ‘yes’. so I used one syringe. How it is it my fault”.

As the matter escalated, in-charge district collector Kshitij Singhal ordered an immediate probe by the CMHO, given the serious nature of the complaint.

A government release said that the CMHO inspected the vaccination centre and spoke to the people present there, who complained again about vaccination with the same syringe. However, by then, the vaccinator had gone away from the centre. The CMHO found that the material required for vaccination had been sent out to the centre at the direction of the district immunisation officer.

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