2 Muslim students win online quiz on Ramayana, Say ‘everyone should take inspiration from Lord Ram’

Muslim students win online quiz on Ramayana: Many examples of unity in diversity are found in India. People belonging to many religions and sects have lived in this country for centuries by forming mutual unity. Two Muslim students from Malappuram, Kerala have surprised people by winning the online Ramayana Quiz. It is also being considered as a symbol of Hindu-Muslim unity. The names of the winners who have won the online Ramayana competition are Mohammad Jabir PK and Mohammad Basith M.

The quiz on the epic Ramayana was organized by the publisher company DC Books in Malappuram, Kerala. In this quiz 5 contestants have been declared winners out of which two are Muslim students. People from different regions are congratulating both.

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Muslim students win online quiz on Ramayana

Two Muslim students from Malappuram, Kerala caught everyone’s attention by winning the online Ramayana competition. Both Mohd Basith M and Mohd Jabir PK are students of KKSM Islamic and Arts College in Valancherry, North Kerala district. The winning students said that they knew about the epic from a very young age. After joining the Vafi course, he began to read and understand deeply about Ramayana and Hinduism, the curriculum of which has teachings from all the major religions.

Many quadrupeds of Ramayana memorized

More than 1000 people took part in the quiz competition regarding Ramayana. This competition was organized between July-August. Mohammad Basith M remembers by memorization many quadrupeds of Ramayana. His favorite is the Chaupai of the Ayodhya case, which describes the wrath of Lakshmana and the insignificance of the kingdom by Rama. He also presents the Malayalam version of the epic fluently and melodically.

‘Need to take inspiration from Ramayana’s message’

Mohammad Jabir, who won the Ramayana Quiz Competition, said that all Indians should read and learn the epics Ramayana and Mahabharata as they are part of the country’s culture, tradition and history. I believe that it is our responsibility to learn and understand these texts. Lord Ram is the embodiment of righteousness, tolerance and peace. Muslim students say that such great qualities should be part of every human being. We need to take inspiration from characters like Ram and the message of epics like Ramayana.

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