15 BJP leaders & workers in Lakshadweep resign over ‘unjustified’ sedition case against Aisha Sultana

15 BJP leaders and party workers in Lakshadweep have resigned from the party in protest against the sedition case on the island’s filmmaker Aisha Sultana who criticized Lakshadweep administrator Praful Khoda Patel’s policy to deal with Covid. . In the Union Territory, sedition has been registered against the filmmaker only on the complaint of the BJP President.

15 BJP leaders and workers have signed and written a letter to Lakshadweep BJP chief C Abdul Khadar Haji regarding this. “The BJP in Lakshadweep is fully aware of how the actions of the present administrator, Patel, are anti-people, anti-democratic and cause great pain to the people,” the letter said.

In the letter, these leaders also reminded Haji to meet Union Home Minister Amit Shah on the issue and “submit a complaint”. “You are also aware that many BJP leaders from Lakshadweep have already spoken out against the various wrongdoings of the Administrator and District Collector,” the letter read.

Supporting Aisha Sultana, the leaders added: “This is exactly the way Chetlat resident Aisha Sultana also shared her opinion in the media. Based on your complaint with the police, a case has been registered against Ayesha Sultana, who spoke of many issues during a discussion ranging from not having a single Covid case to his irresponsible and unscientific decisions since the arrival of the current administrator in Lakshadweep .”

The letter read, “You have filed a false and unwarranted complaint against Aisha Behen, and have ruined her family and her future. We express our strong objection to this and resign from primary membership from your BJP. Huh.” The letter has been signed by BJP state secretary Abdul Hameed Mullipuzha and others.

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