103 kg gold worth Rs 45 cr missing from CBI custody; Madras HC orders probe

Although the CBI, India’s premier investigative agency, has solved big cases, but now a case related to the CBI has come out, which you will be surprised to hear. Yes, 103 kg gold worth 45 crores kept in CBI custody has disappeared. This gold was seized by the CBI during a raid in Chennai, which was kept in CBI custody for security. For now, the Madras High Court has ordered the Tamil Nadu Crime Branch-CID Police to investigate this matter. The court said that the investigation should be done by an officer of SP rank and should be completed within six months.

Court rejected CBI’s argument

Let us tell you that Madras High Court Judge PN Prakash, while giving directions for investigation, rejected the CBI’s argument that if the investigation is done by the local police, then its reputation will be “tarnished”. Judge PN Prakash said that all policemen should be trusted. At the same time, he also said that this case can be a ‘fire test’ for the CBI.

What is the whole matter?

In fact, in the year 2012, the CBI raided the offices of Surana Corporation Limited and seized 400.47 kg of gold. At that time, this gold was kept in the CBI’s safe custody in Surana’s locker and vaults. Although its total weight at that time was 400.47 kg, but recently when the lock was opened, it was found that 103.864 kg of gold was missing.

What does the CBI say?

At the same time, on this issue, the CBI has claimed that it had handed over the keys of the locker and vaults to the Chennai Special Court. According to the CBI, when the raids were conducted, the weight of the gold was weighed together, but after the agreement between SBI and Surana Corporation in the debt case, the weight of the gold was again separated, which was not found to be 103 kg of gold or May cause disturbances. In this case, the CBI has also released a statement on Saturday. Also said that if any of our employees’ role is found in it, then strict action will be taken. At present, the CBI’s internal investigation is going on.

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